Key Questions
for Consultation

The Construction Industry Culture Taskforce (CICT) welcomes your input on the Draft Culture Standard and Maturity Scorecard.

Written submissions may contain observations on any aspect of the Culture Standard. Additionally, your insights are being sought by the CICT through the below key questions. You may address some or all of these as part of your submission. If you choose to address any of these questions, please indicate this in your submission:

  1. Do you support the Culture Standard concept? Is this something you would proactively implement?
  2. Will the Culture Standard’s three focus areas address existing cultural problems that are preventing the construction industry from being an employer of choice? Are there any other areas that should be considered?
  3. Are there any aspects of the Culture Standard that would be difficult to implement or would impact competition for projects tendered by government clients?
  4. What additional guidance or resources would support the implementation of the Culture Standard?
  5. Are ‘Mental Health’ and ‘First Aid’ training courses readily accessible to organisations in the construction industry?
  6. Regarding the draft requirement ‘The Construction Industry Works Monday – Friday’, are you supportive of caps on the number of hours worked per week? Why/Why not?
  7. Should the requirement against ‘offensive material’ on site be extended to include offensive language and behaviour?
  8. Do you support the inclusion of targets under the requirements ‘Women are Represented in the Construction Industry’ and ‘Women hold Leadership Positions in the Construction Industry’? Which of the three options provided in each of these requirements do you believe will drive change whilst enabling innovation and competition? Are any of the three options unfeasible? If a specific target should be applied, what should this be and why?
  9. It is envisaged that the Culture Standard will change over time to reflect different focus areas and requirements. What governance processes are needed to ensure the Culture Standard reflects the most relevant issues impacting industry?
  10. Implementation of the Culture Standard will be critical to its success in changing industry culture. What implementation processes are important to provide confidence that the Culture Standard will be effective?
  11. What additional guidance or resources would support the implementation of the Culture Standard?

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Written submissions will close on 17 December 2021. You may lodge your submission using the form on the right, in Word or PDF Format.

The CICT may publish whole or parts of written submissions as part of reporting on the outcomes of its consultation. In accordance with our Privacy Statement, when you lodge your written submission using the form on the right, you can request that your name or organisation’s name is not published, by indicating this in the relevant boxes.

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